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Development Process

Optimum Renewables assesses a variety of issues in the development process of renewable energy projects.  Steps of the development process include: project management and planning, wind resource assessment, siting, permitting and zoning, financing, grid interconnection, turbine selection and purchase, site preparation and turbine installation.  Duties pertaining to each category are addressed for all acquired projects.  At Optimum Renewables, we conduct thorough analysis of every step of the development stage to ensure the highest quality of labor and productivity.  

Optimum Renewables is highly qualified in performing precise and accurate feasibility studies of a project.  We conduct wind resource assessment of the proposed site location, analyze energy productivity annually based on recorded wind speed data and terrain roughness, and determine cost analysis for each project over a 25+ year period.  Wind turbines are optimally placed for acquring maximum productivity.  Turbine selection based on these parameters is assessed for acquring maximum power output and rate of return.   All necessary zoning and permitting requirements are met before construction of each site is initiated.

Financing of each development project is thoroughly researched in determining all possible financial incentives and requirements for the proposed wind site.  Interconnection and power purchase agreements are negotiated and agreed upon before construction of each project.   During the construction phase, Optimum Renewables provides oversight and consultation in every step of installation.  

Wind Projects